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Keep up the good work. As long as records remain closed and adoptees are treated as 2nd class citizens, services like yours may be the only means for adoptees to actually get what is their birthright. God bless you and Chris and all the staff of Kinsolving.

I am still amazed at the speed and professionalism of your service and so grateful to you. Although my parents are both dead at least I know now who they were, and I have the opportunity to reunite with my family on both sides.

I do want to thank Kinsolving for finding my son. I started searching when he turned 18. You were the third company I had hired and I really did not have any expectations about him being found. When I received the information I was shocked. Matthew lives 5 min. from my house. Even though he was not told he was adopted he had some doubt and we talked for 30 min. the first night I called him. Within a week we went together for a DNA test and that confirmed it. It was a great feeling finally knowing who he is. Thank you and everyone involved that helped with my case.

Tammy .....NY

Thank you Kinsolving for doing what many consider "impossible". I wish everyone searching for lost family will have their own liberating experience someday soon. It is priceless!

Christine, Thank you so much for this. I will send you a progress update on what happens from this point forward.

I would like to personally thank you for closing a huge door that was open in my life. While I know there are many other challenges that I might face meeting my family, you have given me for the first time in my life information on who I am as a person and the hope I can finally see other people who I resemble and understand who and what I am.

God bless you

Mark ....MN

Hi Chris,

Not sure if you remember me, you found my biomom for me late in 2008.

I was not able to make contact with her right away, and then did not want to call over the Christmas holidays, and then she was screening her calls, but I guess finally curiosity got the better of her and she answered my call today.

I ca not even describe how great the moment was when I realized that she was as excited as I was. Everyone already knew about me, she shared with her husband right away and was crying and shaking. But she composed herself quickly (more than I can say for myself!) and we talked for a good while. She is going to put me in touch with my half sisters, since she does not have email herself, and I am excited for that, too! And I am going to send her photos... she was not 100% sure who my biofather was, maybe that will clear things up, I do not know.

Anyway it went really well, I think, and again thank you so much for not just finding her but all of your guidance about how to make this contact! Please let me know if there is more that I should be aware of or should make sure I do - your insights when we talked were really helpful and there was a ton I had not considered.

Best of everything to you, Audrey.................ND

I am sorry that I have not written a testimonial sooner, but will do so now! I met with my mother and it was a great meeting. I brought my oldest daughter with me too. Our meeting took place in Arkansas, at my cousins home, He and his wife are two of the several family members who know about me. She is still unsure of when she will let her other nieces and nephews know, if at all. It is hard to disclose long kept secrets at 92 years of age. I am fine with whatever she decides.

My mother is scheduled for surgery this week, which was supposed to occur earlier, but is finally taking place. I am hoping she continues to stay healthy and that the surgery does not take too much out of her. We are hoping for another reunion, maybe in Massachusetts in the spring/summer, when she will meet her son-in-law and her two other grandchildren. I have also been able to do some research on my birth fathers family, I am so fortunate to have this information. I am attaching a picture of our visit for you, but please do not include in the testimonial yet! Here is my testimonial:

After searching for my birth mother for over 30 years, I finally turned to Kinsolving. I had followed many avenues in search of a birth parent, even going to court in the state of Illnois, all to no avail. I had some non-identifying information and my amended birth certificate. I had always suspected that my mother had given an alias for her name, but could not be sure. I also knew that I was born out of wedlock and my father had been married to someone other than my mother.

Kinsolving terminated my search this past July, since after two years they were unable to find a next of kin. In the meantime, I had given up any hope of finding my mother alive - she would now be 92 - and was hoping to possibly find half-siblings. I had also given up any hope of ever knowing who my father might be, since siblings may not have even been aware of my mothers relationship with my father. When I received the notice from Kinsolving I was very disheartened and realized I had done everything in my power to find a relative, but would have to make peace with the fact that I was unable to do so.

In late September, almost exactly two months after the Kinsolving termination, I received a call one evening from Kinsolving. He explained that while doing a search in the Chicago area, he came across my file and thought he could find some information for me. He said that while the search had technically been terminated, searches were never completely disregarded. He too, thought that my mothers name may have been an alias, but said that she would have never been able to make up the name of the town she was from.

I was careful not to get my hopes up and thanked them for their continued effort.

Two days later I received the call I had been waiting for. Kinsolving told me they had found my mother and that she was alive, living on her own, and cognitively "with it". I was in shock, to say the least. I then received, from Kinsolving, information about my birth mother and her family, dating back to the 1800s!

Now, with her phone number in my hand, it was up to me to make the call. I waited until the evening when my husband was with me for moral support. My mother was thrilled to hear from me and said she had thought of me every day and had always hoped I would find her. She never married and had a successful career in the Chicago area for many years. At one time, we lived less than two miles apart from each other. I was a flight attendant for many years. My mother was a TWA flight attendant, and she told me my father had been a Braniff pilot. So, after 61 years of not knowing who my birth parents were, I had all the information I had been seeking. I also learned that my father had died in 1958. He had no other children either.

Since that call, I have met my lovely mother, My oldest daughter met her also, and we are trying to plan a reunion for her to meet her son- in-law and two other grandchildren. We are still getting to know each other via phone calls and letters. I have also done some research on my birth father and his family which has been enlightening.

I consider my completed search nothing short of a miracle, thanks to Kinsolving. My story has a happy ending and I only wish I had contacted Kinsolving earlier in my search.

Jeanne (Boston, MA)

After 9 long months, I had nearly given up hope. Then Kinsolving gave me the most amazing gift ever by solving my case and offered counseling on how to initiate contact.

I just now mailed a hard copy of the contract this afternoon. I am so excited, it feels like Christmas, nothing makes me more happy than giving to others,, even if this turns out very bad, at least I will have given my aunt the peace of finally knowing what happened to her daughter, thank you guys so much for what you do, you changed my life 7 years ago and gave me peace, nothing is worse than not knowing. When you guys found my family for me, it opened up a giant can of worms, OMG, some really hurtful things and sad things and things that made me happy I thought I could fly. I am thinking about writing a book , pretty lame right? It will be a long one, and surely not boring, anyway thank you! look forward to hearing from you. FYI I went from having one brother to having seven brothers and 3 sisters.


Hi Christine,

Just wanted to give you an update.....I have made contact with my birthfamily in a very positive way! We have been emailing, sending pics and talking on the phone since April. I have spoken to all remaining siblings except for one. I am flying to SC (Charolotte and onto Florence) next Thursday. If everything goes according to plan I will be able to meet them all! It should be interesting. I am so glad you were able to get me the information! The regret is that I did not do it sooner!

Take care, Dee (not sure if you keep records ect and do not see a reference number to tell you who I am........) Dee - Georgia

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