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Hi! I am an (Adoptee) and I am a member of Orphan Voyage in Jacksonville, FL.  We told our group about your help with searches and I know a few of our members have used your help from time to time.   I give your name to everyone that calls me now for information.  People are just not coming to the groups anymore but I still get the phone calls for help.  

I just want to thank you for your important work.  I personally am very grateful for all that you do to help people.  I believe in your mission.  Please let me know if there is any support that I can give to your important work other than giving your name and number to those who ask for help.   I was able to search and find my birth family and I have constant contact with them and have even been to a couple of FAMILY REUNIONS!  They are in Winston-Salem, NC!!  I have five whole sibblings. 

God bless you  and thank you!

Hello Chris,

I have intended to write before now, but have been in such a happy fog, I did not get to it. My daughter and I have communicated briefly since Dec. 23 and I hope to meet her soon.The holidays, etc. have prevented that from happening, as yet. She, her husband and my son did meet for lunch and had a wonderful, fun time. He said they just kept staring at each other...was a bit like looking into a mirror. She is almost identical in looks and personality to my youngest daughter. Both my other two daughters have sent her lots of pictures and they are slowly getting to know each other. We are trying to take this by baby steps...not wanting to completely overwhelm her or ourselves, but I can hardly wait to spend some time with her in person. I am amazed that we have practically lived in each others back yards for most of these years, she and my son were at the same college at the same time (they both breathed a sigh of relief that they did not date each other!!!).....on and on it goes. I have 4 children and 8 wonderful. I can not thank you enough for having the know-how to get this done. Keep doing it are changing lives for the better.

Ann ...............NY

There is no way that I can ever thank you enough for the search. You have made my life complete

I am having a perfect reunion with my birth mother, new step dad, two younger brothers, and multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins! What a joy to find so many new family members that I did not even know existed a month ago!

It has been a busy day! I sent photos to my BM this week (she will receive them tomorrow) & I received photos from her. It is so incredible to see a slight resemblance in my BM. She also sent me photos of her children which I do not see a resemblance (different fathers). I made a second call to her today to tell her that I received the photos she sent. It was a great phone call, obviously she was much more talkative than the first time. She discussed her children, grandchildren & great grandchild. She told me her son worked as a Letter Carrier in the USPS & so did I for 3 years! She also told me that she does not know whether my BF will acknowledge me as he did not want a family back then. She hoped he had mellowed & had a family.

I had planned to call my BF today but got nervous after my BM phone call. I waited an hour & wanted to speak with you, but decided to just go for it - amnesia of the zipper or not. His wife answered & I asked for my BF by name. He was shocked when I told him. He told me that he knew that she was pregnant when he went off to the war but lost touch after that. We chatted for a very short time & he asked for my phone # & told me that he would call me back. He called back in 5 minutes & was confused why it took me so long to find him. I realized after talking to him that I had left out that my BM had put me up for adoption & he was shocked again. He felt badly but I assured him that I had wonderful parents & a wonderful childhood! He was happy & told me that he has to take a little time to process this & when was the best time to call me back. I can just imagine the conversations going on in that household this evening!!!!!!!

Thank you for your excellent coaching. I think it went well on both ends. Will keep you posted.....My life feels so rich thanks to all of you,


Chris, & all you wonderful people who have changed my life at Kinsolving:

I do not know how to express my enormous thanks to all of you. I am forwarding some emails to you from my BM & her daughter so that you can share all the incredibly wonderful emotional experiences that are going on - that Kinsolving was responsible for:

I am having dinner with my BF in a week. EM ...NY

Wow, she has been right under me the whole time. I went to college two blocks away from her pervious address in Northridge CA from 1993 - 1997. Chris you are absolutely amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough.


Chris, It is been nine years since you found my birthson for me. I think about you often and wanted to update you. We have the most wonderful and loving relationship any mother and son could have. I now have a 3-1/2 year old grand-daughter by he and his wife who was named after my middle name Elizabeth. I am best friends with his loving adoptive mother. We all spent Christmas Eve and morning together. My youngest son now 38 and my birthson are enjoying a brotherly relationship of canoeing and camping, hanging out and sharing stories of their childhoods. What a blessing. Thank you for your service.

You may use any portion of this as a testimony of your abilities to perform great services of bringing families back to gether again.


Dear Kinsolving

Thank you so much for the information you sent – I would never have looked in that County, it was 100 miles or more from where my family had been told! I don’t know how you do it, but I am glad that you can! Like probably every other person receiving such information, I do not have the first idea what to do with it! I’m sorry my birth mother is gone since she alone has some of the answers I wanted. But I have two siblings, although I do not know if they know anything about me. Several months ago I received a call from a woman who worked for Kinsolving. She was a birth mother herself, if I remember correctly, and was very kind and understanding. I believe she said that kinsolving would help at least support me to some extent in the contact by helping me with knowledge kinsolving had gained in all these years of such searches. I know that the site talks about assisting with advice and the “do and do nots”. So, I would like some of that advice and support if that is possible. I can not imagine just calling and saying “HEY, guess who?” LOL BTW, it turns out that for about 14 years (on and off), I lived within 15 miles of my birth mother and her family and from 1999-2004, I lived about 5 miles from my half brother. Life can be so strange. Thank you again, I am thoroughly impressed by how quickly you managed to get all this information.

NB ... GA

(Re: Follow-up) It has been just about one year and your were able to help me find my birthmother side of the family. Since then I have met my half sister and her family, what a great experience. In my meeting with her, we discovered that her birth certificate revels another sibling which of course neither of us knew about. What do you think the chances are of another search for that sibling? I am also trying to find my birthfather, however other then my half sister all others are deceased. Ralph....NJ

Dear Christine, I am not sure if you remember me or not- I hired you back in (I believe 2002) to find my birth mother. I had spent months searching for her- visiting the hospital I was born in, searching adoption sites online, visiting with the lawyer who handled the adoption, and even placing an ad in the paper...with no luck. However, you found her within 2 days. Amazing. Since then I have had some wonderful conversations with her and have exchanged pictures on several occasions. She has had an incredibly difficult life in so many ways, but was so incredibly relieved to hear from me. To be able to say "thank you" to her was just amazing. It has been a very slow and emotional process but I plan to go to visit her this summer to finally meet with her in person. I cannot thank you enough for the closure and relief that your services brought me.

Jessica, New York

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