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Chris, It is been nine years since you found my birthson for me. I think about you often and wanted to update you. We have the most wonderful and loving relationship any mother and son could have. I now have a 3-1/2 year old grand-daughter by he and his wife who was named after my middle name Elizabeth. I am best friends with his loving adoptive mother. We all spent Christmas Eve and morning together. My youngest son now 38 and my birthson are enjoying a brotherly relationship of canoeing and camping, hanging out and sharing stories of their childhoods. What a blessing. Thank you for your service.

You may use any portion of this as a testimony of your abilities to perform great services of bringing families back to gether again.


Dear Christine, I am not sure if you remember me or not- I hired you back in (I believe 2002) to find my birth mother. I had spent months searching for her- visiting the hospital I was born in, searching adoption sites online, visiting with the lawyer who handled the adoption, and even placing an ad in the paper...with no luck. However, you found her within 2 days. Amazing. Since then I have had some wonderful conversations with her and have exchanged pictures on several occasions. She has had an incredibly difficult life in so many ways, but was so incredibly relieved to hear from me. To be able to say "thank you" to her was just amazing. It has been a very slow and emotional process but I plan to go to visit her this summer to finally meet with her in person. I cannot thank you enough for the closure and relief that your services brought me.

Jessica, New York

Thank you Kinsolving for doing what many consider "impossible". I wish everyone searching for lost family will have their own liberating experience someday soon. It is priceless!

You gave me such good advice which I did follow. I am so thrilled that it went so well. I think she might tell her children, she asked for my email address because her daughter has a lot of the photos. I feel like I am living in a dream world thanks to all of you! Please say a special thanks to all who were involved in my case! Thanks so much for all your wonderful help. Laura, NJ

In March 2008 Kinsolving found my Mother. I never thought it would happen and it is a dream come true. Being so far away is hard, I now live in the UK and she is still in the States, but we speak on the telephone often and have exchanged many pictures and stories.

I registered with the NY State adoption information registry in 1993, receiving my non-identifying information in 1994. Some of that information came from DSS who handled my adoption and I was in direct contact with DSS also - I placed “waivers of confidentiality” with my current address with the DSS in August 1994 and again updated it in January 1996.

My mother visited DSS in 1996 asking for information. They did not give her any information about the State Registry as they were obliged to do (she had no clue it even existed), nor did they release my information to her as per my letters waiving confidentiality.

I guess my question is, can I do anything about this situation? I am bitter about the 12 years DSS cost us!

Heather ....NY

I do want to thank Kinsolving for finding my son. I started searching when he turned 18. You were the third company I had hired and I really did not have any expectations about him being found. When I received the information I was shocked. Matthew lives 5 min. from my house. Even though he was not told he was adopted he had some doubt and we talked for 30 min. the first night I called him. Within a week we went together for a DNA test and that confirmed it. It was a great feeling finally knowing who he is. Thank you and everyone involved that helped with my case.

Tammy .....NY

Keep up the good work. As long as records remain closed and adoptees are treated as 2nd class citizens, services like yours may be the only means for adoptees to actually get what is their birthright. God bless you and Chris and all the staff of Kinsolving.

I love you guys!

I heard from Gaye and Cari that you found for them, and Natalie too! You rock!

I am flying out from the UK to the States to meet my Mom this weekend and staying for two weeks. It is all thanks to you and I wanted to thankyou thankyouthankyouthankyou

Huge hugs of appreciation

Heather in the UK Born 6/28/1970 Syracuse NY

ps. We will be at the Adoptee Rights Protest in Philadelphia before going on to Syracuse to meet the rest of the family

After 9 long months, I had nearly given up hope. Then Kinsolving gave me the most amazing gift ever by solving my case – and offered counseling on how to initiate contact.

Hello Chris, I thought you would be happy to hear that my birthdaughter called me last night.

She told me that any of her personal friends that know her best would tell me that one of her worst fears was after her adoptive mom passed away that she would be alone in the world.

Now she is so happy to know that she has another mom and family. We had a wonderful talk. I think that I can be quite sure that all will fall into place. We have so much in common.

Thank you for what you do too. I will be forever grateful!

Bye for now, Linda

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