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Hi Chris,

Not sure if you remember me, you found my biomom for me late in 2008.

I was not able to make contact with her right away, and then did not want to call over the Christmas holidays, and then she was screening her calls, but I guess finally curiosity got the better of her and she answered my call today.

I ca not even describe how great the moment was when I realized that she was as excited as I was. Everyone already knew about me, she shared with her husband right away and was crying and shaking. But she composed herself quickly (more than I can say for myself!) and we talked for a good while. She is going to put me in touch with my half sisters, since she does not have email herself, and I am excited for that, too! And I am going to send her photos... she was not 100% sure who my biofather was, maybe that will clear things up, I do not know.

Anyway it went really well, I think, and again thank you so much for not just finding her but all of your guidance about how to make this contact! Please let me know if there is more that I should be aware of or should make sure I do - your insights when we talked were really helpful and there was a ton I had not considered.

Best of everything to you, Audrey.................ND

Thank you so much for everything. Hiring Kinsolving was the best thing I could have done.

Good morning, Kinsolving miracle workers!

I had the best conversations with my birth-mother over the weekend. We spoke and laughed for over 4 hours. I have looked for so so long and I certainly would never have found her.


Hello, I wanted to thank you so much for the work you do. Last week I contacted my birthson..and even though he was not aware he was adopted he was thrilled to hear from me. I know this is just a start and things always have the potential to sour (like in all families) ...but right now he is totally open to his new family and has embraced me and his siblings. I could not have imagined a better response. And none of this would be possible without your hard work and for that I will be eternally grateful! Thank you.

Sincerely, Cynthia............MD


Your office found my birth mother for me back in 2001 and it was a success story. My mother was very young when I was born and no husband/boyfriend to help so after 10 months she gave me up for what she thought would be a better life. So some it up, we are close and both are very glad about finding each other.

Just thought about you and wanted to update you.

CT - North Car

Hey, this is Mamie Rand. I have not spoken to you in several months, but I am happy to report that all is well with the adoption search you helped me with in March. My father has been totally embraced by his family and I do not have one negative thing to report. Just last week his birth mothers oldest sister died and he was able to meet so many more family members at the aunts funeral. This is all such a great story.

Thank You - Thank you, Mamie..............SC

Well, that is it then. you guys were awesome, I really appreciate it. I am envious of the fact that your job has the capacity to bring so much meaningful joy into peoples lives. If I can not send you wine or some silly stereotypical California touristy item, hopefully I will at least get a chance to pass some referrals your way if I encounter anyone searching! thanks again!!

Jerry - Louisiana

Hello Chris, I thought you would be happy to hear that my birthdaughter called me last night.

She told me that any of her personal friends that know her best would tell me that one of her worst fears was after her adoptive mom passed away that she would be alone in the world.

Now she is so happy to know that she has another mom and family. We had a wonderful talk. I think that I can be quite sure that all will fall into place. We have so much in common.

Thank you for what you do too. I will be forever grateful!

Bye for now, Linda

Chris, It is been nine years since you found my birthson for me. I think about you often and wanted to update you. We have the most wonderful and loving relationship any mother and son could have. I now have a 3-1/2 year old grand-daughter by he and his wife who was named after my middle name Elizabeth. I am best friends with his loving adoptive mother. We all spent Christmas Eve and morning together. My youngest son now 38 and my birthson are enjoying a brotherly relationship of canoeing and camping, hanging out and sharing stories of their childhoods. What a blessing. Thank you for your service.

You may use any portion of this as a testimony of your abilities to perform great services of bringing families back to gether again.


I am having a perfect reunion with my birth mother, new step dad, two younger brothers, and multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins! What a joy to find so many new family members that I did not even know existed a month ago!

You gave me such good advice which I did follow. I am so thrilled that it went so well. I think she might tell her children, she asked for my email address because her daughter has a lot of the photos. I feel like I am living in a dream world thanks to all of you! Please say a special thanks to all who were involved in my case! Thanks so much for all your wonderful help. Laura, NJ

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