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Client Information

Kinsolving guarantees the current name and address of the person for whom you are searching, or the next of kin in the event that person is deceased.

A telephone number - if it is not unlisted, will be included. In the event a number is unlisted, almost all of the time it will appear on some public record. Every effort is made to locate it for a client. It should be noted that some people actually do not have a home phone.

The degree of additional information will vary greatly from case to case. It is impossible to know beforehand what, exactly, the specific information might be.

Every effort is made to learn as much information about the person as possible - marriages, children, parents, schools, former addresses, etc. Our belief is that the more you know about someone, the more realistic your expectations may be, and the better you can assess how to approach them.

The #1 question asked is, "How long will it take?". There is no way to accurately make a prediction until the search is underway.

Certainly it is to Kinsolving's advantage to finish a search as soon as possible -- and that is our goal. But some cases take six months or even a year before we are able to obtain even a name, while others take only a matter of days.

Sometimes a guess-estimate can be provided if we have done a number of cases in that particular area, but it is still just a guess. For instance, if we are looking for Ann Smith or Bob Johnson from a major metropolitan area, the time and degree of difficulty rises compared to locating Stephanie Oxmonde or Archibald de Borchgrave from Small Town USA.

In the event a search is extremely difficult and will take considerable time to solve, the client will be notified with an estimated timeframe.

Kinsolving believes that no case should be left unsolved for more than a year. In the rare instances when that may occur, the client has a choice to either renew the Contract for another six months, or be released from the terms of the Contract and all of its obligations.

Kinsolving does NOT have a flat fee for an adoption search. Search fees are based upon the information you provide on Kinsolving's form, called an Interactive.

Each Interactive is examined individually to determine the cost of the search.

The search fee is then emailed to you, with a Contract for review, after which an individual can decide if he/she would like to proceed.

Payment Information-Kinsolving Investigations works on a “No Find No Fee” basis. This means that you pay as nothing unless we find the CURRENT name and address of the person you are seeking. We accept wire transfers. Payment arrangements are available upon request. No information is released until payment is received in full.

We will be happy to update you on your case anytime if you call or email. Cases are very time consuming and we usually do not contact you with an update unless we need additional information.

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