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An Adoptees Quest for Truth WHO ARE YOU?
Earlier you read my disdain for using paid search services. I still feel that it is unfair for adoptees to have no other options but to use these services. After many years of frustrated searching, I acquiesced to the need for paid assistance. Although I did not pay the full amount originally quoted, I did use Kinsolving Investigations, and once officially contracted on September 1, 2003 they did more

My Reunion
My wife and I have been actively searching for my birth family for about 7 years. While we made a lot of progress in those years, we had been at a brick wall for about the last 2 years. The brick wall was not having a last name. We tried everything to find out that vital piece of information, but we could not get it.

We finally decided to pay a reputable private investigation firm. We more

Mothers Day first By David Wilcox / The Citizen
This Mothers Day will mark the first that Linda Townsend spends with her 39-year-old daughter.

After years of searching and frustration, Marne DAugustino and her mother, Linda Townsend, were reunited. About two weeks after Townsend gave birth to Marne DAugustino on April 25, 1970, she surrendered her newborn daughter for adoption. The choice was made for her, said Townsend, who was 26 more

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