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Chris and her daughter on the day of relinquishment.
I am Christine Lee owner, founder and operator of Kinsolving Investigations.

In the 1970’s the agency in which I placed my daughter for adoption refused to pass on life or death medical information to her. It was then that I knew that the laws needed to be changed. I became passionate about my own search and possibly saving my daughter’s life.

Being the mother of 3 children I had little money to spend on searching. I joined support groups and eventually started my own to ease the pain. I joined every registry and read every book I could on adoption searching. Through my networking I eventually became well-known not only in my state of North Carolina but nationwide. I served on the board of an national adoption organization and had many speaking engagements. I also served on a board with the Governor of NC to attempt to change NC laws. I marched on Washington and have and always will be a supporter of Open Records.

I believe that all birth records should be open to adult members of the adoption community.

1. To adoptees when they reach the age of maturity.
2. To birth families when their child becomes an adult.
3. To adoptive parents at any time they deem it beneficial for the adoptees health or well-being, regardless of age.

As my search continued to no avail I gained valuable skills and began to help others with their searches. I founded Adoption Information Exchange in 1988. I mostly did NC searches. I also worked full-time and still held out hope to complete my own search. I eventually hired a private searcher and was successful. I met my daughter in 1985. We had a very happy reunion and remain dear friends.

It was then that I realized I wanted to devote my time to helping others. I had realized through the years that it is hard to change laws, that registries don’t work for everyone and that in the end what everyone needs is closure. I have never looked back and since founding Kinsolving Investigations in 1992 I have successfully completed thousands of searches.

Another thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to charge anyone unless I could find. I had spent thousands searching and getting no where. I had also heard story after story of others that had done the same. Adoption searching is a very personal thing and nothing is worse than telling your intimate details, paying your hard earned money and getting nothing. Kinsolving Investigations is “No Find No Fee” agency because of this and for no other reason.

Chris and her daughter
Kerry 7 years after reuniting.
Everyone that works with me has a connection to the adoption triad and shares my passion. We may not be able to change the laws or complete every case but for each individual we help I know that I have made a difference in that persons life. I know because I was once in the same position.

Christine M. Lee

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